Black Walnut Tincture
Making the Tincture: You may use any alcohol to extract the medicinal properties from your walnut hulls. I prefer a high proof vodka or grain alcohol.  I get a jar twice the size of the amount of tincture I plan to use and fill it half way with the alcohol. I also wear gloves because the walnuts stain your hands green or brown if you choose to cut them. I have read two ways to do it. You can be total low maintenance, fast and stain free by putting your walnuts in the jar whole and your are done. However, I like to cut my hulls off instead. Doing this allows me to put more media in the jar for extraction..and results are a stronger tincture. I simply get a sharp knife and cut all around the pit to take the hunks of skin and flesh away from the pit/nut. I never get as deep as the nut center because it is a firm hard hull to cut through. I drop each piece immediately into the alcohol because it likes to oxidize quickly. I fill it up half way with green hull pieces. I put the lid on and put it in a warm dark place to steep for 6 weeks. Than I strain it and bottle it in dark glass. (It is good to keep all tinctures out of the light. It preserve their properties/strength.)

The tincture will be a deep dark green when it is finished.

This be good fer parasites an skin problems.  As always, do yer research!  This here will get ya started!


Medical Water

Hey yall, check out the Civil Defense section fer a couple recipes on makin yer own sterile water an saline solution.


Hey yall, been super busy an we be inta cannin season again. So I been pressure cannin as well as vacuum cannin. I also been checkin some a my past canned stuffs.

I’ve found a few jars a vacuum sealed stuff what the seal has broken on. Be one a the reasons I check stuff from time ta time. On lookin at the lids I’ve noticed it be defective lids. Even had one taday that wouldn’t seal. Lookin at em there be a dimple in the rubber seal.

These be name brand lids so I guess quality be a thin a the past. Just a heads up folks, be checkin yalls lids an check yer food stuffs from time ta time. Food be to expensive ta loose it fer a 15 cent lid!

New Page

Hey yall, added a new page called Civil Defense.  It’ll be where we post stuff bout preparin fer thins what can disrupt yer life an such.  Hope yall enjoy it!

Hey yall. Ain’t had much time ta post stuff up here lately. Work, life, health and such just been to busy.

One a the thins I wanna touch on this time be gardenin. I put a rather large raised planter round my flag pole. Part of it fer whimsy, part a it fer practical use. The whimsy part be a few gnome homes, a water fountain an bird bath. The practical part be I planted chocolate mint an peppermint. These two herbs be good fer lots a medicinal uses. I also planted blackberries this year. Be able ta just eat em, make jelly/jams an maybe a bottle a wine er two. Neighbor gave me some strawberry plants and put those in a old wash tub. Next year gonna add in some more. I also planted some Thyme as it be a useful plant fer medicine as well. Flowers be perty, but if I gotta devout time ta gardenin I want it ta be useful stuff.

Also been harvestin plantain. It can be made inta a tea er a salve an also a poltice. Grows wild round here. Been drying a bunch a it fer use during the winter. I’ll be gatherin seed in the late summer a grow it in my beds next year.

How many yall been workin on yer biological kits? I have several different gas masks. One uses the 3M masks which be good fer pandemic type stuff. I then have a Swedish mask what uses the internal filters. These be easier ifin yer shoulderin a weapon. I recently picked up a Swedish hooded respirator along with a hose an blower kit. This way it becomes a positive pressure unit so I can keep my beard. I also stocked up on some DuPont Tychem suits. Bout 12 bucks apiece on ebay. Good chemical resistant gloves from the farm store along with muck boots.

Also picked up a Dosimeter and charger from ebay. I don’t worry much bout a nuke exchange but we got a power plant south a us that worries me a bit. Cheap insurance.

Well folks, bout all I got time fer now. Stay safe keep stockin up!

Bein in Emergency Management, one the thins we have ta be able ta do is operate in areas where there might not be no power fer a long spell.  We carry extra batteries what allow us ta recharge our phones but sooner er later them gonna run out to.

Was outa town shopping couple weeks ago an found this solar charged cell phone batter fer just under $15.  2600 mah and comes with the cables ta hook it up with.  Good deal fer the price.

Solar Cell Battery

File photo.

Again, I’d shop around some cause I’ve seen em listed fer twice the money.  They gonna be really nice ifin the power be out er fer hikin er campin.


File photo.

I been lookin at this radio many times an wanted ta buy one. I got a gift card fer my birthday and decided I was gonna splurge and pick one up. Purchased mine at Mills Fleet Farm fer $57.  Shop round cause I’ve seen em on line fer $100 er more plus shippin.

Size bout 7×7 inchs with the handle.
AM/FM radio
Weather radio
FRS/GMRS radio
LED light
Alarm Clock
Crank wound, 4 AA batteries, DC charging, AC charging
Hand Held Microphone
Carry Strap

So far I be happy with the purchase. Receives area radio stations well an picks up our local weather band with ease. It ain’t real complicated ta set up, a couple a minutes with the book and had everything set how I wanted it.

FRS/GMRS Radio: Easy ta set the channel and privacy codes an ya have the option a high power er low power. Lower power will save on them batteries. The hand held microphone be nice although the cord could be a bit longer. You can also set the unit on VOX (voice operated). There be I believe 5 roger beep tones an several call tones.

Hand Crank: I did try out the hand crank charging. Like any other it would take a few minutes a crankin ta get any charge time, but that be normal for any hand crank charge device. In an emergency it will be a good feature ta have.

Another nice feature is ya can run the unit off the rechargeable battery pack er 4 AA batteries. Easy ta carry spare batteries an if you wanted you could add in a solar battery charger that would keep the radio running quite some time.

I used the FRS/GMRS section a bit here in the house an seems ta work well with my other FRS radios. I will have ta wait until I am more mobile again before trying out the FRS radio more in the field. Hopefully in a few weeks I can test that out further.

So, overall, I be happy with this radio. It wouldn’t be my first choice ta carry all over the place, but then again it be designed as a base camp radio. Would be good in a field camp er mobile application where size and weight would not be a issue. I believe it will be a useful addition to my emergency communications equipment.